Our Strategy

  • We aim to invest in socially and environmentally sustainable projects, looking to garner long-term returns and play our part in taking care of the planet.

"Now I do see the earth anew / rise all green from the wave again"

Sér hon upp komaǫðru sinni / jǫrð ór ægi iðjagræna

 -Vǫluspá, the Poetic Edda

Hedge fund managers are beginning to place greater value on investments that will yield long-term returns. It is therefore unsurprising that ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) centred funds are attracting  attention globally. Vulpes understands the importance of identifying opportunities in this area which will generate real returns and enact real change. With the help of Sadiq Currimbhoy and Solon Brown, we seek to invest in resilient, practical, and sustainable endeavours.

Piles of money, at different heights. On top are new plant shoots, also at different stages of growth. The more money in the pile, the more mature the plant.
A paintbrush, covered in green paint.

Identifying environmentally and financially sustainable investments can be difficult, in part due to the prevalence of greenwashing in the industry. Corporations have become adept at utilising the language of sustainability to obfuscate their unsustainable practices. Not only are these funds unsustainable, but often times they fail to follow through on any promised returns. Vulpes takes advantage of our advisors’ expertise to examine investments with a critical eye, and identify initiatives which are truly sustainable.

Screens showing fluctuating stocks.

The private sector has begun to take the lead when it comes to innovative solutions to the climate crisis. Vulpes does not believe that sustainable investment must mean low-return investment, and has begun work on projects that will provide returns to investors whilst upholding our belief in sustainable practices.

Vulpes seeks to change attitudes towards ESG and sustainability in Southeast Asia. The region’s reliance on fossil fuels, palm oil, and monoculture farms has slowed progress in this area. Reports suggest that energy demands are set to rise sharply in the next twenty years, an issue which requires significant and achievable changes across Southeast Asia.

"Southeast Asia is set to have a major impact over the next two decades, adding the equivalent of Japan’s entire energy system to global demand"

Our team has already identified local opportunities relating to increasing the energy efficiency of commercial and residential buildings. An estimated 99% of Singaporean condominiums are air conditioned, accounting for up to a quarter of an average Singaporean’s energy bill. By working with property owners to improve the efficiency of older buildings, we will drastically cut energy consumption, save residents money, and take home a cut of these savings to investors.

Two people sit at a table, writing on post it notes.

ESG-centric investment in South East Asia is an important and emerging opportunity. Vulpes brings critical expertise to find authentic projects offering real sustainability solutions and marries it to its long track record of delivering return on investment.

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