Our Core Values


Vulpes' family office structures allows for the long-term thinking that creates resilient investments able to be passed down to the next generation.


Not only are all of our investments backed by substantial partner capital, but also our fund managers are highly aligned with their business or fund's performance - being incentivised by successful performance, not management fees.


Vulpes seeks to profit from true alpha, not management fees. We have never gated redemptions or been in a regulatory dispute. Further we have always returned capital when the investment thesis has no longer proven valid.


Vulpes carries on the legacy of Artradis. 21 years on we embody the same spirit of innovation, conviction and success while also learning and evolving to meet the modern challenges of investing.


Whilst taking a profit of $2.7bn from the banks and distributing it amongst our investors was a deeply rewarding experience it was also frightening to see how fragile the global financial system was. Taking the profits and lessons from that experience I wanted to build a new type of investment company built on more solid foundations than trading in this complex and fragile financial world.

– Stephen Diggle

Our History

In 2002, Stephen Diggle co-founded Artradis Fund Management.

Artradis was Asia’s most successful fund manager during the financial crisis, generating almost $3bn in profits and returning cash to investors without restricting redemptions.

AB2, one of Artradis’ flagship funds, returned over 55% during 2007 and 20% in 2008 and was subsequently wound down in 2010.

Artradis was renamed to Vulpes in 2011. The platform has been in continuous operation and supervision by the Monetary Authority of Singapore for 20 years.

Since its inception, Vulpes Investment Management has diversified its investment strategies, now investing significantly in British life sciences companies through our Life Science Fund, venture capital in SEA through Vulpes Ventures, agriculture with a large stake in avocado and kiwifruit farms in New Zealand, German real estate though our Stronghold Capital fund and a fundamental equities portfolio under our Allium funds.

The pandemic years exposed cracks in the corporate world and reinforced the need for resilient and sustainable investing. With all eyes on ESG, our sustainability arm began hunting for fresh investment opportunities including Green Hedgehog Solutions, a Singapore-based company that delivers energy-efficient upgrades for buildings.

Our Name

Inspiration & Meaning

Vulpes, meaning fox in Latin, pays homage to Isaiah Berlin’s illustrious 1953 essay “The Hedgehog and the Fox,” which in turn alludes to a fragment from the Ancient Greek poet Archilochus: “A fox knows many things, but a hedgehog knows one big thing.” In this essay, Berlin endeavors to classify thinkers and writers into one of two categories. To identify as a “hedgehog” is to perceive the world as governed by a single defining idea, while to embody a “fox” is to be endlessly captivated by the inherent complexity and diversity of the world and to draw on different experiences in striving to understand it. At Vulpes, we align ourselves with the latter.

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