What we do

Vulpes is the successor to Artradis Fund Management and was founded in 2011 by Stephen Diggle, co-founder and former managing partner of the multi award winning fund management company.

Vulpes is designed to replicate a family office structure and enable outside co-investment in a range of strategies that seek to produce real capital appreciation and/or income by concentrating on a small number of compelling investment opportunities.

The platform has been in continuous operation and under supervision by the Monetary Authority of Singapore since 2002.

A black and white photograph of Stephen Diggle

"Whilst taking a profit of $2.7bn from the banks and distributing it amongst our investors was a deeply rewarding experience it was also frightening to see how fragile the global financial system was. Taking the profits and lessons from that experience I wanted to build a new type of investment company built on more solid foundations than trading in this complex and fragile financial world. "

Stephen Diggle


Our Investment Opportunities